Lavender is not only beautiful and aromatic, but it also has many medicinal and therapeutic properties.  At Grandma's Lavender, we include Lavender in all of our products because of the amazing benefits it has for the body and mind.

I became familiar with Lavender when I started making skin care products for my first grandchild.  My daughter wanted to use all natural products on her baby's skin, so as a first time grandmother I took it upon myself to create these products.  As I researched herbs for skin care, it became apparent to me that Lavender had all the properties I was looking for.  So, with the birth of my first grandchild came the creation of Grandma's Lavender products.

Lavender is well known for its aromatic properties and has been widely used in the perfume industry.  Although it was used centuries ago for its calming effect and medicinal properties, it had been forgotten and replaced with modern medicinal substances.

Lavender has once again come into popularity and is being recognized for more than its amazing aroma. Lavender is known for its antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects.  When infused into ointments, it works well at relieving dry, itchy and scaly skin from eczema and other rashes, even rashes caused by candida.  It also soothes sore muscles and produces relaxation when used in the bath.  The calming effect of Lavender is what has brought about its most recent popularity, especially in the baby care industry. It not only induces relaxation but it relieves tension and calms the mind.  It can also aid in the reduction of fevers and as a remedy for headaches. 

I encourage you to try some of Grandma's Lavender products and see for yourself the many skincare and health benefits that Lavender has to offer.  

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