Summer Skin Care


   Skin care in the summer can be a challenge. It’s very difficult to find effective yet non toxic skin care products to protect us from harsh sun rays and to care for our skin after sun exposure. 

   Our favorite summer skin care products are Body Butter, Happy Bum Cream, and Butter Scrub.

   Body Butter’s main ingredient is coconut oil which has a natural SPF of 6-8 making it perfect for the times you want a light protection from the sun’s UV rays.  Lavender, which is in all of our products, has been found to inhibit the type of free radicals that cause much of the damage from the sun.  Body Butter is also an excellent after sun moisturizer and is very soothing to sun burned skin. Body Butter’s natural SPF is probably not sufficient for a long day in the sun or for those with sun sensitive skin. 

   Our Happy Bum Cream, which was originally formulated for care of baby’s bottom, has become our favorite “sunscreen”. The Happy Bum Cream contains zinc oxide, an all natural occurring mineral, which reflects light off the surface of the skin and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. It is considered a physical sun block so it is effective immediately after putting it on. Zinc oxide is considered the safest sun blocking ingredient according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and provides more protection than chemical based products. We do not provide a specific SPF for this product as we market it mainly for baby bottom care but it has become the product of choice for sun protection by our family and friends. As with all sun protection products it should be re-applied after being in the water.

   For after sun moisturizing and exfoliating we recommend using our Butter Scrub and Body Butter. The Butter Scrub is a natural exfoliating and re-mineralizing treat for your skin. The Himalayan Salt, Coconut Sugar and Turbinado Sugars are packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin after being in the sun. The peppermint oil makes it so refreshing to use in the shower on a hot summer day. After you have showed using the Butter Scrub, apply Body Butter to any sun exposed or dry areas. 

Our products are safe and effective for children but the best sun protection for every age group is to avoid over exposure. 

Enjoy your summer with healthy skin!

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