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Happy Bum Cream 4oz

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Happy Bum Cream is formulated for use with every diaper change.  It protects the bum from moisture and irritants and keeps the skin soft "as a baby's bottom." It also aids in the relief of minor rashes. It contains Orgainic Coconut, Olive and Almond oils infused with Organic Lavender buds, Calendula petals and Chamomile, non nano zinc oxide, Organic beeswax and Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Our grand baby has only had a couple or rashes only when we didn’t have this available or “lost” it for a little while. This stuff is amazing and has prevented rashes!

Love this!

My favorite Grandma’s Lavendar product so far. Goes on smooth, not messy. My son used to get diaper yeast infections almost weekly but I’ve been using this for months and not one diaper rash! Gifting this to all my new mommy friends because it’s a must have.

Love it!

Smooth and easy application! Work perfect for dry or irritated areas! Smells wonderful!

Works wonders for lots of things!

I love this stuff it's so versatile! It clears up diaper rash in a flash, and it works great for when my twins have chapped faces from teething.

My favorite baby product ever!

This is my favorite Grandma's Lavender product and, actually, my favorite baby product ever. My 16-month-old has never had a bad diaper rash because we use Happy Bum Cream, and the rash is gone in one use. The worst/longest-lasting rash he ever had was when I misplaced this and had to use something else instead. Plus it smells wonderful and lasts a long time! I'm a fan for life. After we're done with our phase of diaper rashes, I'll still keep a container around for other rashes, and I'll give this as baby shower gifts.