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Laundry Soap Gift Set

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Set contains 1 Laundry Soap and 2 Dryer Pouches.


Our Lavender Laundry Soap contains no harmful chemicals such as parabins, phosphates or sulphates, is GMO free and contains no Borax.  It contains only five ingredients, and is simple, natural and effective at cleaning, freshening and deodorizing your laundry.  It leaves your clothing feeling soft and smelling fresh with a faint scent of lavender.  It is safe to use on baby's clothing, cloth diapers and in high efficiency (HE) washers. 
You only use 1-2 tablespoons per load with enough in each container for 28-56 loads-depending on the size of your loads.  We recommend that you use this product along with our Lavender Dryer Pouches for chemical free laundry care.  When you purchase the products together the cost per load is about 45 cents, a comparably low cost to other natural laundry products.


The dryer pouches are filled with organic lavender buds from our farm.  They soften, freshen and leave a delicate lavender scent on your laundry.  They can be reused at least twenty times.  Refresh with lavender essential oil if desired.  Simply toss the bag into the dryer, add your laundry and you are ready to go. 

Learn more about why natural laundry cleaning is right for you at our blog 

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Harmon
So in love

This is the best laundry soap I have ever used. I tell everyone to give it a try and they will never want anything else.

Absolutely amazing!

Best laundry soap I have ever used! Wish I could have found it sooner,it smells fantastic and works great! I love all your products, they are products I can trust and depend on! Thanks for being such a fabulous company god bless!

Barb Bohne
great product

What wonderful products! I was surprised that so little soap cleans so well and that little pouch leaves everything smelling good! I love it!

Never going back!

I love how fresh my laundry smells! I will never go back to using mainstream laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I have sensitive skin so I am always looking for a product that is gentle on my skin. The laundry soap and dryer pouches have far surpassed my expectations!