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Most women spend a lot of time during their pregnancy preparing for the major event- labor and delivery.  But, not as much thought is put into the postpartum needs of mama and baby.  You don’t hear lot about care of your bottom or breasts post delivery or even care of your baby’s skin.

Your bottom is really a focal point during and after delivery. Even if you have a C-section, you still may have bottom issues such as hemorrhoids and post partum bleeding and discharge.  It’s really not a super attractive subject but one that needs to be addressed in order to be healthy during the post partum weeks.  First of all, with a vaginal delivery there is stretching that seems to not even be humanly possible. Tears and episiotomies are common as well as hemorrhoids.  How do you heal from that?!  God created us in an amazing way and for the most part we are naturally able to heal from delivery.  That does not mean there isn’t pain and discomfort associated with the healing and frankly a bit of hard work.

A great way to start the healing process is with a post partum bath infused with healing herbs.  The herbs help to decrease pain, inflammation and swelling.  This bath can be taken as soon as you feel strong enough to get into a tub, which could be as soon as hours after birth or up to a week later depending on individual circumstances and preferences.  Grandma’s Lavender has a Post Partum Bath Tea that is convenient and easy to use. Bath salts can be added as long as baby is not bathing with mama.  This bath can be repeated one time during the first postpartum week.  Frequent tub baths in the postpartum period should be avoided.

Using the bathroom after delivery can be a bit scary considering the trauma that region has suffered.  A great way to alleviate this is by rinsing your bottom using a peri-bottle every time you use the bathroom.  If you are hesitant to even pee you may want to squirt some of the water on your bottom first.  We recommend using an herbal preparation and not just water in the peri-bottle.  Grandma’s Lavender makes a post partum bottom wash concentrate that contains specific herbs with antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties.  The herbs help to relieve pain and swelling, stimulate tissue healing and prevent infection.  This bottom wash  also works well to decrease the odor of the post partum lochia (bleeding and discharge that continues for 4-6 weeks post partum) and the swelling and pain of hemorrhoids, making it beneficial for post C-section recovery.

Care on your breast during the weeks after delivery is also very important.  If you are breastfeeding your baby you most likely will experience some nipple discomfort and possibly even bleeding or cracked nipples.  Some discomfort is unavoidable as your nipples get used to their new job. Severe nipple discomfort can usually be avoided by keeping the nipples moisturized after each feeding.  Grandma’s Lavender Nipple Cream is infused with healing herbs that are safe for baby so it does not need to be washed off prior to feeding.  It moisturizes and soothes sore nipples and helps to prevent cracking, bleeding and infection.

Engorgement and the discomfort associated with it, happens to most women but especially those who choose not to breast feed.  Warm compresses using mullein, lobelia and lavender can ease this discomfort.  Grandma’s Lavender Mastitis Tea Bags can be used  for this purpose.You can read more about mastitis relief here.

Your baby’s skin does not really require a whole lot of care and probably typically gets too much of the wrong kind of attention.  Babies are born with a wonderful covering on their skin called vernix caseosa.  It is a waxy coating that protects the baby from infection and nourishes and moisturizes their skin.  Most commonly a newborn gets their first bath within hours after birth, washing off this natural protective coating.  It is much better to hold off on that first bath until you get home and mama and baby can bathe together in an herbal bath. Read more about the care of baby’s skin here.

Having these healing products available will help to ease your transition into motherhood and allow you to focus on the joy of this new little life that you have been blessed with.


Kathie Kesterson

Founder and creator of Grandma’s Lavender


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