Winter Skin Care

We are in the middle of another long Michigan winter. Along with the ice, snow and cold comes dry skin and even cracked and open areas especially to the hands.

I used to get dry cracked skin on my hands in the winter but by using Grandma’s Lavender Hand Balm I have avoided this for the past couple of years. I apply the hand balm twice a day; once before leaving the house in the morning and then again before bed. It is wonderful to apply after washing the dishes or after frequent hand-washing. If I start to get a crack to the skin on my fingers, I apply some Hand Balm to a band-aid and place it on the open area, keeping it on overnight. This heals the cracked skin very quickly.


My skin tends to be itchier and dryer in the winter. To combat this, I use Body Butter after each bath or shower. Applying generous amounts to all skin areas tends to combat the dry and itchy skin. If I have a particularly dry area I apply Eczema Rash Cream and may reapply it a second time during the day. For the skin on my face I use Body Butter at night and Face and Decolletage Serum in the morning before I apply my makeup. Body Butter works very well as a rich, nourishing night cream.

My grand children frequently get chapped faces especially after playing out in the snow. One to two applications of Eczema Rash Cream clears this right up. They also seem to get more little patchy areas of dry skin and eczema in the winter. This can also cleared up quickly with several applications of Eczema Rash Cream.


The grandkids love to spend the night at Amma and Papa’s house. One of their most favorite activities is to take a “lavender bath” and have Amma put Baby Butter all over them after their bath. ( And of course, they like the new pajamas that Amma always seems to have for them). Their Mama’s love how soft their skin is when they come home.


Most soap is very drying to the skin but our Face and Body Wash is cleansing and moisturizing. I will even add some to my bath water along with Lavender Bath Salts in the winter. The bath is not only detoxifying and relaxing but it is moisturizing.


We can’t forget the dry chapped lips that come with winter. Grandma’s Lavender has formulated an amazingly moisturizing Lavender Mint Lip Balm that works so well on winter lips. Many lip balms have alcohol in them which in the end causes more drying and chapping. We not only do not have alcohol in our lip balm but we do not have any toxic chemical ingredients. As with all of our products, we use only natural and organic ingredients.

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